Monday, July 27, 2009

When Shamu Attacks

Mamacita invited me and Sweet D to SeaWorld. We could not resist the good and company free invite (thanks MOM)! I totally love seeing the marvelous animals and thinking about how smart they must be. Part of me feels awful for them too. They are cooped up and made to perform. Hey wait, that sounds like many human jobs. Let's not forget about the other part of me that wishes the animals could break free and cause mayhem on the SeaWorld streets. My imagination is kicking into overdrive now. I'll spare you the details. Here's a few pics taken with my dated cell.

And here we have my Shamu cup topper about to display what happens when Shamu's attack! It reminds me of the cups seen in the Kerplunk episode of Pushing Daisies at the Aquacade!

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Dustin said...

oh my! so much fun. if it was like 25 degrees cooler it wouldve been perfect! love me some aquacade funtime!