Saturday, July 25, 2009

Free Movies = Fun

A while back I entered for a free screening of Lovely By Surprise from Venus Magazine. I soon got a confirmation email stating that me and a guest were granted the free screening. Sweet D and I decided a free movie was worth getting out of the house on a weeknight. We arrived at Dobe Theater where the movie teller wasn't sure what we were talking about but let us in anyhow. As we walked into the small theater for our showing we realized that no one else was there. We ended up having the entire theater to our selves! The movie was certainly quirky and funny but it was strange and sad too. "Melish" makes us laugh. Rent the DVD, it'll probably make you laugh as well.

I have a slight girl, celeb crush on Zooey Deschanel. If you want to get me her CD, feel free :) So I was cruising about the internets looking for movies that I could ogle her in when I found a free screening of 500 Days of Summer. Of course I signed me and Sweet D up for this one too. This time Barton Creek was our destination. We wanted to arrive a bit early so we could ensure our entry. We were early but not early enough to feel safe. The line was already snaking around the theater. I asked Sweet D to hold down the fort while I ran to get some pizza snacklins and some lotion from The Body Shop. I was determined to get in, so I thought positive even when he called to say it wasn't looking good. I popped back over he was in the last bunch to be admitted. We barely made it in! Talk about Dobe we were the first and only viewers & at Barton we were the last of many. The movie was well worth it (thanks Sweet D). I love the wardrobe and the feel of the movie. I'm a happy ending kinda gal so it didn't end just how I wanted but it ended well just the same. So cute. xo

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Dustin said...

you forgot the part about us getting caught in a terrible storm after the melish we took in and how we got drenched on the way back to the car... very fun! of course i like pina coladas too though. ;)