Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pour Some Sugar On Me

The title is a nod to Def Leppard's song but this post is about body sugar. So if that sort of thing makes you squimish please stop reading now.

My good pal Kristin and her Mom (many thanks ladies) opened my eyes to the beauty treatments of Cleopatra's Secret, "The Ultimate in Removing Unwanted Body Hair." It's been a few years since my first appointment but having tried waxing, I was an instant fan. Body sugar is totally different and much more gentle.

Please keep in mind that not all Body Sugaring spas are equal. Once when we couldn't get an appointment with our beloved Ati Shafik at Cleopatra's we tried an Austin location. BIG MISTAKE. Unlike Ati's 100% natural sugar, this was tinted light green, didn't get warmed up and was reused with hair in it (mine). Enough said. I couldn't even finish the appointment due to the cold, sap-like pull of this sugar.

Cleopatra's is the best! Ati Shafik is a master of her trade. If I'm not mistaken, she has been practicing hair removal in the States since 1981! She moves swiftly, makes you laugh and does a swell job. If you can't make it to see Ati you can order her products on her website.

There really isn't a proper substitute for Ati's services but during these tough times I've found other means to keep smooth. I decided to try a a new product, Parissa. You can buy this sugar at Whole Food's or Target. This stuff is pretty amazing. It works and it's natural. Two things I really like! I enlisted Sweet D's help and after a session with him and Parissa my pocket book isn't suffering.

Now with all that said, I love going to Ati's Day Spa. If I could, I would go as often as I desired. I usually laugh it up on my mini roadtrip with Kristin while being dubbed the best co-pilot...EVER. Then I enjoy a long day of shopping with Kristin and her Mom. That just can't be replaced even in these times! xo

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Dustin said...

i get an odd sort of satisfaction ripping hairs out by the root. ;) thats right. im twisted.