Friday, July 31, 2009

It Happened Again

That's what we (Sweet D & me) say when we realize that we've fallen for each other all over again. It can happen many times in one day. This time it's because he sent me a tiny letter from the World's Smallest Postal Service. Do you remember me wanting one? I gave a very subtle hint. I don't know what made him decide to send me this surprise but I sure do like it! I have a tiny metal mailbox that I found while thrifting at Campus Collectibles in Louisiana with Mamacita. BTW,It was an awesome trip. Moving on. I would frequently stroll by the tiny mailbox in the kitchen and shake it and ask if I had any mail. One day, Sweet D informed me that I had a surprise some where in the kitchen. I'll leave out the part where I pouted about not wanting to search. My eyes darted around the room and then I realized what it was! There in the tiny mailbox was my tiny love letter from my big gorilla, Sweet D. I won't let on all the details so as to prevent you from wanting to strangle me or puke. I will however leave you with this tid bit. "Super Novas are as fireworks compared to the illumination and ecstasy of holding you close..."


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