Saturday, August 1, 2009

Date Night: All Austin All Handmade

Friday night is date night around here. We always try to plan something just for us to enjoy. Sweet D asked me to pick a place to eat. I was having trouble because I'm not a big fan of eating out. Don't get me wrong I don't mind leaving the cooking and dish washing to someone else but it's just not the same as hanging at home. My troubles were over when I saw that the Beauty Bar was hosting the All Austin All Handmade Bash. I quickly decided that I wanted to attend. Downtown + date night = Vivo's. Vivo's has the best atmosphere and puffy tacos in town! Roses, art work and great food are a winning combo. After we consumed our yummy dinner we headed to the Bash. We were the first ones there! If you know me, you know I'm usually on time or fashionably late. Boy was I glad that I was on Sweet D's schedule. According to him if you're on time you're late :) They gave out some splendid pink shopping totes with little goodies and coupons in them. The best part: the $2 entry went to the Austin Dog Rescue. Huzzah!

Once we were in, we went straight for some Sweet Leaf Tea and to checkout the Sublime Stitching table. I love the Black Apple set. Then onto the Blue Note Bakery. She had he most amazing mini, made from scratch S'mores! That's right folks. She made the grahams, chocolate ganache and marshmallows. Oh and the strawberry cake with lemon buttercream frosting in the middle was heavenly! We moved on to NadaMoo! non dairy ice cream. It's made with coconut milk. I can taste it but it sure makes for some great chocolate ice cream. We checked out Anne Marie Beard's handbags. I gave one "the touch", which often leads to someone else buying it the second I put it down. We moved inside to have our photo taken and peruse the Wonder Craft section. It was too crowded so I made a mental note of the t-shirt crafts and got an express mani. Bright blue nails here I come. Trying not to smudge my nails we went to the bar and used our drink tickets to have a Yellow Rose. Orange liqueur and Treaty Oak Rum with soda and lemon. Not what I expected but nice. I would have been much happier if the ticket got me a tall boy Lone Star instead! We rounded off the night with a session in the old school photo booth. My BFF and I used to use these at the mall :) Me and Sweet D hammed it up and walked out to head home. I was raining and that made me happy. I rather like a good stroll in the rain. We made it to the car and realized we got to park for free because we arrived earlier than the parking attendant. Another perk to Sweet D's schedule.

On our way home I asked Sweet D to dig in the swag bag and he pulled out the Anne Marie bag that I touched! Seriously!?! He's so sweet I could get a cavity! That's a phrase I've heard his sister use and it seemed fitting here. I don't know what I did to deserve it but I sure do feel special. Thanks hun, it happened again. Long live date night! xo

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Dustin said...

funtime funness for sure. you forgot to mention the glow in the dark soaps we bought! i got an alien in a glow-in-the-dark egg shaped soap just waiting to be released upon an unsuspecting populous! muahahahaha!