Monday, November 3, 2008

Shoot From The Hip

Shoot from the hip: to react to a situation very quickly and with a lot of force, without thinking about the possible effects of your actions. I shoot from the hip every now and again. I try to keep those rash moments to a minimum unless it involves an 870 express 12-gauge. This weekend I was literally shooting from the hip when my BF and I made the road trip to see my Dad and Stepmom. My Dad is always trying to teach me to be safe and proficient with guns.

I certainly don't mind guns. I like to hunt and generally stay away from handguns. I don't shoot animals for sport. If I plan to shoot it, I plan to eat it. This time I was shooting for practice and defense. I wasn't going to eat the clay and wood targets but I got a safe rush from shooting them. We were all out there practicing and taking turns; it was a nice use of family time. back to shooting from the hip. They told me to hit a stationary target while holding the gun about hip level. That was a whole new feeling because it came with ease! Now, I know you don't use this type of gun that way but they were merely trying to show me how to protect myself from intruders while maintaining safety. With every pump I became more steady. They may have to talk me into holding the gun properly next time!

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