Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rock it, Pimp it--Just Go Vote!

The time is now! My BF and I met for lunch yesterday and zipped over to an early voting station. We wanted to avoid the line on Election Day. There was a line but these folks had the system rolling. We were in and out of there in a jiffy.
It seems lately that just to appeal to the young demographic there has to be something "cool" about voting. Last time I checked there were lots of folks not voting. Voting is quite important because I want some sort of say in the way things are going. You can refer to it as rocking the vote, pimping the vote, etc. I don't care what gets you there, just go vote!
If you're not sure about candidates you can educate yourself here and skip the internet rumors.


Alice Teh said...

Hi sweetmeat! Just to let you know you won the magazine giveaway! CONGRATS!

Please let me have your name, address, and email address. You can email me at "teh dot alice at gmail dot com". Thanks! :D

victoria said...

i prefer to "pimp the vote"...something about ownership appeals to me ; )
i'll be standing in line with the other non-early voters tomorrow, i wish i had a lunch "hour" : D

SweetMeat said...

Thanks Alice!

Victoria: Atleast you won't have to wait too long! I know your county :) Would you rather have a lunch hr or summers "off"? xoxo