Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yay, You Voted! High Five!!

Yay, it's Election Day! I'm so thankful that I voted early because the lines are long today {from what I hear}. Now I can sit back, watch the coverage, and get freebies for voting. The lovely Lee Meredith has a giveaway for voters. It's a pdf of a knit hat pattern, dandelion stencil, alpaca applique, a thank you card you can print, and a mac & cheese page! Keep your "I voted" sticker and check out Lee's site to get a goodie for doing the "right" thing! You can also get the High Five image above from Lee. I can't wait to get mine. I've been itching to use my crayons and tonight will be the perfect opportunity!

Would you like to give yourself a pat on the back for voting? You can order some classy calling cards from the talented Miss Bliss at her etsy shop. I've been wanting some of these little cuties but I have not convinced myself {yet} that I need them. For now, I will enter her giveaway and admire her work. Perhaps she will be coming out with some red, white, and blue cards!

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