Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pushing Daisies

Tonight, I will feel complete in my quest for wonderous TV as I sit back and take in a new episode of Pushing Daisies! I am completely dazzled just watching the characters take on adventures in a candy colored world. If that weren't enough, the narrator takes me to a whole new level of delight with story-telling abilities only to be matched by your parents when you were a bitsy child. Do yourself a favor and watch an episode or buy season one on dvd! Here's my quick catch up if you want to jump into season two:

Ned- Can touch dead things & bring them back to life, Pie maker and owner of the Pie Hole.

"Chuck"- Real name Charlotte Charles, childhood sweetie of Ned, brought back by Ned.

Olive Snook- Works in Pie Hole, loves Ned, thinks Chuck faked her death.

Emerson Cod- P.I. found out what Ned can do and commissioned him to bring victims back to life for questioning (only allowed for 60 sec).

Lily & Vivian Charles- Aunts of Chuck used to be Darling Mermaid Darlings synchronized swimmers but are in a dark place since Chuck's passing.

Still not convinced? Tune in for the fashion of long gone eras. I find delight just waiting to see what Chuck will be wearing and often wished for my very own wardrobe copy. I swoon over every article and accessory that Chuck wears!

Set your DVR to record Pushing Daisies tonight at 8/7 Central on ABC. I'll be watching and sharing a slice of double cream lemon pie!

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