Thursday, October 2, 2008

Doggy Bath & A New Craft!

I had fully planned on bathing my dog last night but when I got home my manfriend (BF) was nearly done with the task! What a guy! While my little Paisley Dilla was enjoying her scrub my mind was anxious to use this new found "extra" time. I was ready to finish a purse craft that only needed a little time to complete. I always enlist the help of my BF for my crafts so we can accomplish something together. I found a beautiful red purse at Room Service Vintage that I was sure I could dress up...eventually. My Mamacita gave me an old HearthGlo emblem which we sanded and spray painted gold. We decided to tape off the purse and spray the edges as well. It turned out nicely but still needs a little cleaning. I got out my trusty measuring tape, found the center of the purse, marked the spots for the emblem to puncture. BF put a little E-6000 Epoxy on the points and now we have a new craft! I've got to make things I want to sell and not keep for myself!

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