Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When I can't roam I read about Gnomes!

The weather is getting cooler here in Texas but not cool enough for my taste. There is something about the fall that makes me want to jump into whimsical fits of baking spiced goods and reading kitschy finds! My Mamacita recently gave me a book from one of her thrift store adventures. Gnomes by Wil Huygen has a 30th Anniversary Edition hardcover and it is a true delight! Though my copy is paperback and cost a mere 5CENTS it is a new treasure to me.
I would love to be outside under a canopy of trees admiring a ferris wheel from a far and the sounds of a foreign land. Since I can't do so, I will be on my couch reading about the life and times of my favorite traveler, the Gnome.

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