Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hip Hounds

Thank goodness for Hip Hounds! No, I don't mean hounds that can keep me up to date on the latest fashion faux paws (I had to). I'm talking about the best doggy daycare ever...or atleast in my area. I have never boarded my Dilla and it just broke my heart to think of her in a kennel and holding it too long. I know that isn't always the case but when it's your only dog-child you can't help but go to that dark place. My BF told me about this place upon reccommendation from our Vet's office. We called Hip Hounds to ask for a drop off appointment but after a couple of hours and no return call we decided to take Dilla anyways. We were heading to a wedding in Salado and just couldn't wait. To HH's credit, their message recording does say that they are likely busy caring for the dogs. It turns out that they didn't take newbies without a day of daycare to get to know them first. I pleaded ever so slightly and they said she could stay since she was up on her shots and because I said I'd come back to get her if she was a problem. They even called hours after we had left to say she was doing well! Don't let me forget the best part, they have webcams so you can even watch your dog a bit! It's not going to be your dog's opportunity to be discovered on the small screen but it will make you feel better when she is smiling and playing. Dilla was so tired when we picked her up on Sunday that she slept all afternoon! Oh, and the picture above was sent to my email by HH. It's not the best shot but I know she got the attention she needed. I highly suggest you go to Hip Hounds, especially if fido isn't allowed on your next trip. Please tell em Sunshine sent you and I might get a free night!

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