Friday, January 23, 2009

Thrifting Genius

My Mom is a thrifting genius! Just when I think she can't surprise me, she does. Mommy travels (in TX) a bit for work and I am just beside myself waiting for her return. Not only am I happy that she is back in town but she almost always comes bearing thrifted goods.

This time she brought me some vintage and I do mean vintage cards. Some of them are dated as early as 1942! All of them bring to mind a more polite time. There is even a card to thank you for your "Christmas Greeting". Really!?! The collection includes the most delightful baby cards and thank you cards. *Gush* I won't divulge too much; these may grace your mail box (someday).

Next she handed me a pill bottle...full of tiny fish head and fish tail push pins. SQUAWK! That was the pleasant sort of squawk, the kind that says I'm so excited and so appreciative. Oh and I'm the self-proclaimed Queen Of Big Sunglasses. So when she pulled the white beauties out I almost let a little go!

Oh Mommy you are so wonderful. I don't think I could ever express how my love for you hums and ticks to a sweet diddy. We need to have hot toddies and giggle over nonsense soon. xoxo


{one Happy Wife} said...

OOOOH jealous over those cards. At antique stores they run a PRETTY penny!

victoria said...

only mamacita could find a pill bottle full of fish heads and tails ; )

Mandi said...

oooh I love vintage cards. LOVE them! :)