Thursday, January 29, 2009

Adventures In Babysitting

I've been feeling super crafty and staying so busy. I kind of slack when it comes to blogging about my fun. I enjoy babysitting and I had the opportunity to sit with some sweet kiddos. The night ranged from playing with "old" toys like smurfs and wrestlers to eating pizza and creating shrinky dink magic. Everything was enjoyable but the best was brushing little M's teeth and making shrinky dinks with my man friend and H, the oldest kiddo. H was an absolute doll. She was helpful, excited, and totally understanding to our uncertainty of the project outcome. I brought lots of supplies and vintage flash cards for drawing ideas. We followed the directions from Poopscape's tutorial and away we went! These aren't the best pics but I'm happy I took them just the same.

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Mary Kelly said...

aww the deer one is so sweet.