Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Owlivia Gets An Eye...Patch

I saw this clock hanging in my elderly neighbor's garage as I was helping her get rid of some puzzles. I dreamed of this clock; I wanted this clock. You see, I collect owl tidbits and this one had caught my eye. I thought I should have offered $5 for it when I was there but then the moment passed and I never did. Months later my BF and I were driving by and noticed it laying with some other salvageable goods before trash day. This baby wasn't trash! I immediately yelled for BF to stop driving and go back. He thought something tragic was on my mind. There was no tragedy unless you consider this treasure going to the trash a tragedy. I quickly scooped it up, gave the neighbors a sweet grin and wave through their screen door and we were off. At last it was mine! I noticed the missing eye from little Owlivia and thought I would put a googly eye or doll eye in it's place. I hung up the clock and kept meaning to take care of her. I finally did it! I decided she could be like Aunt Lily in Pushing Daisies and wear an eye patch although I don't think Owlivia lost her eye while cleaning out the cat box. Anyone have a patch pattern or idea for her next look? I'm open to suggestions!


victoria said...

i like the green matches the foliage in the background perfectly. however, if you're dead set on a different patch, then i think skull and crossbones, all the way. i mean, what's better than a pirate owl?!?

Mary Kelly said...

haha! I love the eye patch idea. I second the skull and crossbones idea.

Why are owls so big with crafters? I've got my eye on a oldschool felix the cat clock with the moving eyes and tail.