Friday, November 14, 2008

Cute As A Button-CD spindle cake dome

Supplies-CD spindle cake dome
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I entered the Upcyclist Party Contest today. I'm hoping to win but there are lots of hopefuls in the competition! These are the goods I used!

Here is my end product. I'm so proud of it! The CD spindle was one of those items I held over the trash can but couldn't throw away {Pack rat}. The idea of using it for cupcakes or a mini bundt cake saved it from a landfill. Hoarder or recycler? I think I'm a little of both. This article tickled me a bit.
Know a hoarder? A guide to helping
Use a gentle, respectful approach.
Assess the situation for safety.
Refer the hoarder to a doctor for evaluation of the underlying cause.
During clean up, expect slow, gradual change.
Let the hoarder touch and talk about the items to be discarded.
Reassure the hoarder that others will help.
Get the hoarder involved in the solution.

Perhaps I need this type of intervention :)


Mary Kelly said...

nice! Did you make the cake custom to fit or did you find one that was the perfect size?

SweetMeat said...

Thanks! Made the perfect size cake with my mini bundt cake pan : )