Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Eight-Year-Old Self Thanks Me

These Harajuku Lovers jellies have heels! My eight-year-old self is thanking me and squealing about the house. When they arrived, I was so smitten that I wore them with my pajamas. Maybe I shouldn't have admitted that, you won't judge me. Right? Ok thanks. If you want your inner child to thank you score these at Modcloth, Endless, or DSW. Some of the reviews say they run small and you should order up a size but that wasn't the case for me. Here's the run down on their shipping:

Modcloth has flat rate shipping.
Endless has free shipping on "new" items & free 2 day shipping on other items.
DSW uses FedEx Standard as the cheapest choice but it gets to your neck of the woods then gets passed on to USPS. In my experience this costs too much for how long it takes to arrive.

Shop, squeal, & strut!


nikkibit said...

My 8 year old self just pushed your 8 year old self in the dirt and started crying. JEALOUS!! haha :)

Young People in Love said...

KILLER heels, girl! They look just like candy! Yum! :)
Equally killer bloggy, as well! I'll def. be following this awesomeness!