Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lite Brite Flower Pot

Do you remember playing with Lite Brites as a kid? I don't think Lite Brites are being used much anymore but there are probably lots of the pegs floating around out there (calling my name). I've noticed that the toys and treasures of my childhood keep bringing me back to my crafty side. My Mom actually turned me on to the idea of making a lamp shade of sorts with Lite Brite pegs. She even provided me with the supplies! She handed over a plastic flower pot, pegs, and drill bits. I then asked my Dad for an old drill for my crafting and mangling purposes. I enlisted the help of Sweet D and his sister L to drill the holes in the flower pot. I refurbished a battery operated, goodwill bound lamp. Once we were all done we placed the pegs and admired our work. This was a simple project yet I am so proud! I love taking something old or discarded and making it into something new. It makes me feel so good, like I've really accomplished something.

Tada! Send those Lite Brite pegs my way; I've got more ideas brewing! xo

Please note: the battery operated lamp is not shown because I needed something a bit brighter for the photo.

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