Friday, October 10, 2008

I like Betty

I can't get enough Betty! I've been wanting this Betty Crocker recipe box. It has 55 cards plus room to add your own, and it is in the perfect shade of red to match my kitchen. I found this little gem at Half Price books last night with my BF. He was being so patient as I rummaged through the wonderful store that has no inventory. We finally found them and the price made them even better, $7.98. I had just seen these same cards for much more plus shipping. I'm always so proud of myself when I find a deal.

This Betty was on television last night making me giggle as usual. Suddenly, I noticed she was carrying a bag with the doll that has haunted me since discovering it's high price. I think the Blythe doll is so funky and thus I want it. I thought I could just find the bag that Betty was carrying and satisfy my Blythe tooth. Turns out my google skills are lacking because I haven't even found out who makes the bag let alone where to buy it. The search did make me stumble upon a site where I can peruse all sorts of Blythe goodies. It seems that a fantastic version of the old Kenner dolls is being produced by Ashton-Drake Galleries so I can stop looking at the insane prices on ebay. *Sigh* How can a doll made from only 1972 to 1974 make me swoon?

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